Miss International Winner Photo 1971 - 1980

Jane Cheryl Hansen
1971 Miss International Jane Cheryl Hansen
[New Zealand]

Linda Hooks
1972 Miss International Linda Hooks

Tuula Anneli Bjorkling
1973 Miss International Tuula Anneli Bjorkling

Karen Brucene Smith
1974 Miss International Karen Brucene Smith

Ladija Vera Manic
1975 Miss International Ladija Vera Manic

Sophie Sonia Perin
1976 Miss International Sophie Sonia Perin

Pilar Medina Canadell
1977 Miss International Pilar Medina Canadell

Katherine Ruth
1978 Miss International Katherine Ruth

Mimilanie Marquez
1979 Miss International Mimilanie Marquez

Lorna Marlene Chavez

1980 Miss International Lorna Marlene Chavez
[Costa Rica]


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